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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 30, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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thanks for watching u tonight, i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity." today we are on the campaign trail. we are in greenville, south carolina at tommy's country ham house. during the next hour i will be joined by the man who is now considered by many to be the frontrunner for the republican nomination. he is the author of "the battle of the crater" he's the former speaker of the house. newt gingrich, how are you? >> great to be with you. >> great to be with you. >> we look at a national poll, it has you up by about 2 1/2 points right now. you are leading in iowa. here in south carolina, you are up. there was a poll yesterday that had you at 41% in the state of
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florida and you were pretty close to governor romney in new hampshire. what's changed? >> i think the debates, shows like yours, talk radio, have let the american people look at real solutions, and i think at a time when we are hurting financially, we are hurting in jobs, we are hurting in the deficit and foreign policy, having somebody who is a serious developer of better solutions and somebody who has a track record of actually doing it in washington, all of it kind of gels. we've had four town hall meetings in south carolina the last two days. we've had 2500 people come to these town halls. we turned people away in several places. we had -- in florida over the weekend we had 800 people at a town hall meeting and 900 people at a book signing. you can feel suddenly people talking to each other. we are getting closer to the first vote in iowa and new hampshire and here in south
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carolina. people are taking it more seriously. as they are taking it more seriously they are leaving slogans to go to solutions and i think that's beginning to con sal date. >> seems to be a little back and forth developing between the candidates. and mitt romney is saying you have been a life-long politician, and you are making the observation that you think you are the more conservative and more electable candidate. >> first of all, i am a life-long citizen. my dad was a career soldier, 27 years in the infantry. i decided when we were living in europe when i was 15 that trying to understand what america needed to do to survive, how you would explain it to the american people to get their permission to do it and how you would implement it would be my life's work. i plead guilty to being a citizen who has work as a teacher, i work as a speaker in public life, i have worked in elected office, i have worked in private business. in every case i have thought of citizenship as a key part of how
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i would define myself. and i think that's something we need more of, not less of. >> why do you think that you are the more conservative candidate? why do you think that you are more electable? >> i think those are two very different questions. and clearly i'm the more conservative candidate by any rational standard. i'm 90% american union stand fourth 20 years. i helped ronald reagan and others develop supply-side economics. i led the effort to defeat communism in the congress. i helped the speaker of the house to balance the federal budget for four straight years, reform welfare as an entitlement. take whatever your list of conservatism is, there are places in my career where i have done that stuff. and i have been consistent about it. i was for ronald reagan long before people began to quote him. so that part is no contest. elect ability thing is how you think elections work.
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i think in the reagan tradition and 1984 and the contract, if you get a real contrast in a way that is two to one conservative, the liberal loses but you have to have the courage to fight through the new york times , cbs news and nbs, but you have to be steady. the person who is able to debate eobama and draw a defined contrast has an enormous advantage. young go to the middle, you bring the middle to you. american energy is a 79% issue. the new york times thinks the middle is between 79 and the 16% who aren't for it. i think the middle is 50%. that means you get 50% plus 29. >> let me ask, because it's interesting. on the other hand you sort of take it on the role during the debates of a statesman. you have praised mitt romney, you have raised governor perry, you have praised herman cain in the debates and you have even
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said publicly you don't think we should be firing at each other, we ought to ba nighted in opposing president obama's policies. >> and, look, i still feel that way. michele bachmann did introduce the first bill to repeal dodd-frank. she introduced a bill to repeal obamacare. that's a lot thing. she was a lot wiser about the super committee than most of the folks in congress. i can say mitch bach brings a lot to the table. herman cain is a very good businessman who has been a very public and spirited. i helped appoint him to a commission back in the '90s. he's a solid person in that sense. governor romney is a great manager, has a terrific business career, would be i think far better than president obama. and even down the list. i think that these are -- rick santorum is a genuine expert on iran and foreign policy. he is probably the most deeply committed person on how do we re build the family as the base of
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american life. so i look at my friends, and i think of them as my friends. i have one opponent, barack obama. >> well, you stated maybe a couple of weeks back in an interview that i did with you that you thought the race would come down to romney versus anti-romney. >> not romney. >> not romney, okay. >> not anti, not romney. >> is it that now mean newt versus romney? because we are about a month away from the iowa caucuses. >> i think the dynamic is changing in a way you and i wouldn't have thought possible, okay? >> and that is? >> and that is i stop for a second, there's a thing back about the period i kept telling you hillary is going to be nominated and you kept telling me i was wrong and you were right. i called her at one point called you and said i think i have to eat crow. >> it wasn't quite that ray. you thought i was a little off base on obama about ayers and
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wright. >> i did. and turned out you were the most pressing analyst. >> this interview is going great so far. >> but in the same tradition of being honest and open, i didn't think this fast that we would get to where it might be newt and not newt. but the fact is the ideas are penetrating in the country, the crowds are responding, people love the idea of 7 three-hour debate with a time keeper and no moderator. people like the degree if you go to there's a substantive 21st century contract with america. so i'm beginning to think, i'm not sure yet , but we may see a totally different dynamic than anybody could have predicted even a month ago, including me. because a month ago i didn't think we would get here for another 60 days. but it's clear the country is talking to us. and it's clear that across the country people are saying, you know, i think we need newt gingrich because we need somebody who can debate obama, we need somebody who has actually done it before.
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we need somebody with very substantial big ideas. so i think whereas i would have thought originally it was going to be mitt and not mitt, it may turn out to be newt and not newt and that's a very different formula. we're having to re design our campaign strategy bus we are ahead of where i thought we would be. >> we have to take a break. we have newt beginning with us. he will tell us why he believes he is the best candidate to take on the president. that's as we continue. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. premier of the packed bag. you know organization is key... and so is having a trusted assistant. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-s or above and still pay the mid-size price.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." we continue with former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. you said something on your website, you said you welcome the scrutiny, you welcome the attacks, you set up an entire website to answer criticisms. you. i want to buff you a chance to go through some of these things. i was watching some of the sunday talk shows this weekend and even some of the consecutive commentators were saying, newt has done good up to this point, but can he be disciplined again? he should maybe focus on five ideas, not 500 ideas. that was a question they were raising. is that a legitimate point maybe from the years you were enter or
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is that unfair. >> i think the discipline part is right. i think their analysis is wrong. i need to be disciplined in not losing my temper, i need to be disciplined in focusing the messages we want to send. but i always remind people, wal-mart succeeds because there's a simple core message wishes is best value at lowest price and 25 thousand items. we live in a complicated yes. it helps in south carolina the attack by the obama administration on boeing, to know that there's $29 billion in natural gas offshore. to know that the charleston harbor has to be improved in order to meet the opening of the panama canal in 2014 for bigger ships. those may not seem like national themes, but if you are talking jobs in south carolina, those are really important local themes. >> you said they are going to throw, what was the quote, as much mud at me as they can. the washington post now, you have a blogger who is actively asking people to send in dirt on you.
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is that going to be problematic? do you see any one issue that's going to come up that concerns you? >> well, no, because if i saw it it wouldn't count. >> fair enough. >> i mean anything i can imagine we can solve, what you don't know is what somebody is going to -- at 68 years of age, what somebody will either make up or interpret or re interpret or whatever. you know, two different examples. i think it's fascinating as a comment on our generation that we move from the national inquirer to the washington post seeking gossip. i mean, just think about the whole -- >> requesting gossip, send us your gossip. >> and going on blogs and please send me any dirt you've. that was perfectly good in the good old days when you had the newspapers you bought at the grocery star on the way out. >> and i think you were posted with an alien then. >> i was, twice. and i was shocked they frankly
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got it out of security because i thought those had all been secured by the cia, but any how, it just tells you something. the other part of the mud, though, comes from a different thing. and it's in a sense the reverse side of what you tried to tell all of us in '307 or 08. obama man can't get elected in a clean debate. i can destroy my own opponent with whatever it takes to win or i can lose. i pick destroy my opponent. they around raising all that money in order to run positive ads. >> recently the republican -- the president said up can plan is for having dirty air. and they said conservatives want blacks hang from trees, maxine
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waters, the tea party, they can go straight to heli. this is the rhetoric that's been coming out. and, of course, off got the image of paul ryan throwing grandma in a wheelchair over a cliff. how bad is it going to get and how do you counter a billion dollars attack ad that is against you or whoever the nominee is? >> i think it depends on your been of the american people. i think a billion dollars in lies in the end becomes a billion dollars in lies. this is why they have a big problem. ronald reagan thought very long and hard about the degree to which jimmy carter and today obama is the new carter. he knew carter would lie. and they sort of surround you with lies. and how do you take on an incumbent president that doesn't get you sucked into fighting over the lies? and they have a simple phrase, there you go again. and every time carter would say
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something, reagan would go there you go again, and within seconds the entire country got it. >> if reagan's line was are you better off than you were four years ago, if you get the nomination, what would your line be about obama? >> can you really stand four more years of this? >> good line. let me give you a chance to respond to some of the attacks. freddie mac, cambridge group. you had a contract that said you could not lobby and every client you told you would not lobby, is that true? >> sure. >> is it miss portrayed in the press? >> some elements of the press, largely the obama re-election team are determined to distort everything they can. and we were compact, as randy, our attorney said, we brought in outside experts on this. we it had training session force the staff. we put things in writing. and there's a practice reason. people who have washed my entire
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career now i have lots of opinions and lots of ideas and i had a relatively national name before i ran for president. if i tell you -- i happen to believe we -- if you are traveling as you do, and you get in a car wreck or you have a stroke or something happens, we ought to be able to instantaneously access a record to know exactly what medicine you are taking, to provide you a treatment in the emergency room without risking killing you. i believe this very deeply. if newt gingrich believes that, happens also to be working with companies that care about that, and i walk in to see friends of mine to talk about the issue, they are responding to what newt gingrich believes. because they know i don't -- i don't go out and tell me what you believe in, i will be for apples this week and you pay me more apples. i walk in and say this is what i believe in. now i held a press conference. seems to be a great shock to some newspapers, i held a press conference that had patrick kennedy and hillary clinton on
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past of health information technology, and also tim murphy, a republican from pennsylvania. you may think why would newt do that? answer is simple. you want to get a message out in the news media and you put them together and patrick kennedy with gingrich, you will get huge press coverage. we sent a signal that we ought to have healthcare technology that you never could have done if you were a lobbyist. they said isn't that lobbying? no, it's a citizen. as a citizen i'm allowed to have an opinion. >> we have to take a break. more of my full hour interview with the former speaker of the house from the campaign trail. we are in greensville, south carolina, and hope you
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>> welcome back to "hannity." today we are on the campaign trail. we are in greenville, south carolina along with former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. he continues to join me for the full hour. all right. very interesting. i like this idea of a challenge on the lincoln-douglas style debates with the president. and you want seven debates, but three hours each, no moderator, just a timekeeper.
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and you are convinced he will do it. i'm convinced he won't. >> first of all, i've said, and he can bring a teleprompter. [laughter] >> so we are going to make it fair. >> because he gets the teleprompter? >> i ask audience all the time, if you had to defend obamacare, wouldn't you want a teleprompter? in a lincoln-douglas style debate he could have an opening all on a teleprompter. and i think there are reasons he will do this. we will find out after the election. you will know. first, because he announced in springfield quoting lincoln and has wrapped himself in lincoln. second, because just pure ego. how can you be a columbia harvard law, editor of the law review, best orator in the democratic party and be afraid of some guy who taught at west
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georgia college. how is he going to look himself in the mirror or and say i can't stand up to newt. i don't believe they will do it. but there's a third reason. and as you know, i s a student of history and i particularly studied american history, unlike the president. and the fact is when you study lincoln, when lincoln announces he's been out of office for ten years, he's only served one term in the house, he's taking on the best known senator in the united states and probable next president, and he says there's 105 days left, why don't we debate every day, and dougl says i don't think so. so for the first three weeks lincoln follows douglas by 24 hours. wherever douglas goes, the next day lincoln re butts him. and douglas begins to rise. the press coverage is lincoln's rebuttals. so douglas finally says, all right, we will have the debates you want. but we are not going back to the two congress gross natural districts you have already chased me so we will do the
9:26 pm
remaining seven. that's how it got to be seven. now when i am the nominee in tampa and we are there and we are doing your show, at the time of my acceptance speech, if the president has not accepted, i will announce that the white house is now my scheduler, and wherever the president goes, i will follow him four hours later. >> wherever he goes in the country. >> wherever he goes. >> how long would you be willing to keep that up? >> until election day. >> so you think eventually he will realize it's in the best interest to do it? >> given the nature you are of modern talk radio and modern 24 hour news, that means you have gingrich taking apart the obama beach three or four times a day. >> how would you grade obama? >> on what? >> everything. his presidency. >> in some ways the most destructive president since buchanan. >> explain.
9:27 pm
>> he's a genuine stalin radical. you were right, the rest of us were wrong. he has failed totally on the jocks front because his policies are exactly backwards. he has filled the federal government with radicals that don't believe in the america that 85% of the country believes in. he is appointing very, very left wing judges. his for yen policy is naive and very dangerous. his budget policy has racked up enormous debt which will burden this country for a generation. and he has propagated class warfare in a country which has avoided class warfare for 200 years. >> do you think, as you look at him, one of the thing that interested me about bill clinton, and you were there when he was president, clinton did change. i think he came in wanting to govern from the left, and he saw that that wasn't working out too well for him. you came to power, the republicans first time in 40 years, and we started hearing
9:28 pm
the end of welfare as we know it, the era are big government is over. this president has not done that. what does that tell you about him? >> a huge difference. arkansas was an arkansas governor, a reel toughly conservative state. he has founded a party to move the democratic party toward the center, try too. he set up the notion that he is willing to be different. he campaign on ending welfare as we know it. he campaign on jobs in the private sector. when he got into office he was convinced by the democratic congressional leadership to go along with him. had to ruin his first two years. and realized after we won control that we were actually closer to him than the liberal democrats. and so he made a practical decision. the difference is he had been governor for twelve years negotiating with the legislature. obama has never served. when he was in the state legislature he was running for the u.s. senator. when he was in the senate he was
9:29 pm
running for president. >> and donald trump said he's never had a big deal. >> i tell audiences you can either be incompetent or radical, but if you are both incompetent and radical, it's probably more than the system can bear. >> is that what you see now in him? >> absolutely. >> what do you think about -- i know you have had specific town halls or i wouldn't call them lincoln-douglas style debates but kind of with herman cain with rick santorum. is it time now maybe that you and governor romney just do one-on-one debates? >> i think it's inevitable that mitt and i will eventually do some. what i found with both the herman cain debate, which is on entitlement reform and was really an interesting conversation, and then with rick santorum where we were in the constitution and at the tea party gathering in new hampshire, again an interesting dialogue, it's not this what are your memorized three points or what is it that you have thought
9:30 pm
up as your talking points. it was a really conversation between relatively smart people wrestling with big problems. >> we are going to take a break. coming up next we are going to have a bunch more with the former speaker of the house, ♪ [ male announcer ] when a moment suddenly turns romantic, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. even if it doesn't happen every day, you can be ready anytime the moment's right, because you take a clinically proven low-dose tablet every day. [ man ] tell your doctor about all your med conditions and medications and ask if your heart is healthy ough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision,
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and joining me today for the full hour from greenville, south carolina, we are joined by former speaker of the house, gop presidential hopeful, newt gingrich. here's bad it is. we have a euro on the collapse. look for bail outs, and $15 trillion of new debt we will pass on to our kids and grand kids, chronic unemployment, worse housing market since great depression. you want to be president. how can you fix that and how
9:35 pm
long does it take to get things back on the right track? >> first of all, i worked with jack kemp and ronald reagan and jude and art in the late '70s when jimmy carter had the economy doing this. we came back when i was enter and applied the same game plan reagan had applied. under reagan four things, cut taxes, develop american envelope, praise people who create jobs. we added 100 million jobs. on the current side of our population, a reagan recovery would be $25 million new jobs in seven years. that's how big it was. when i became speaker, we adopted exactly the same policy. cut taxes, cut regulations, american energy, praise people who create jobs. we had 11 million jobs the four years i was speaker. unemployment dropped to 4.2%. so we know how to do this. here is my prediction. the economy starts to recover late on election night when people realize obama is gone. literally that night you will see businesses making harrowing
9:36 pm
decisions, you will see investors making investments and you will see folks going ahead with new startups that were waiting with baited breath. >> you have a strategy for the primary election, and you have a strategy what to do if you were day one elected president. it's pretty extensive. you would. >> about two hours after the inaugural address we would stop and sign between 100 and 200 presidential orders and and findings. the first one we will sign will terminate all of the white house czars as of the moment so they will all be gone. the goal is by the time president obama lands in chicago, we will have dismantled about 40% of his government by signing a whole series of extensive orders. we will sign an order that day instruct being the state department to move the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem so the israeli embassy is in the israeli capital and the only
9:37 pm
country in the world we don't have our embassy in their capital. a series of those steps the opening hours of the administration. >> and governor christie said what the hell are we paying you for, about obama. >> i think you have to have real leadership. in the 1990s i provided part of it as speaker. the truth it bill clinton provided part of it. if he didn't sign welfare reform it wasn't going to pass. if i didn't schedule it, it wasn't going to pass. so you had to have somebody to reach across the isle and get things done. in the 1980s. tip o'neil was enter and i worked as republican to get one-third of to vote for the reagan tax bills because without that one-third we couldn't have gotten them through the house. so you have to have leadership that thinks through how to get
9:38 pm
things done and when you don't have that leadership the natural pattern of you are system is to stop. >> even when they talk about $1.2 trillion, they are only talking about a reduction in the rate of increase and we are baseline budgeting, which all the years we project out in terms of spending, they are projected increases of 7, 8, 9% a year. for example, connie mack, who i know you know from florida, he is suggesting, okay, let's cut one penny of every dollar. it's the penny plan. and we will freeze spending 2011 levels, cut one anyone out of every dollar and do it for six years, 18% of gdp for two more years and you have a balanced budget. good idea? >> it's exactly going in the right direction. one of the thirst things we should do is have dual budgeting u get a straight line budget that said this is how much you spent this year and if it goes up it is called going up and you keep the baseline budget because it would be pretty hard to drop it in the short run. but you need to see a real
9:39 pm
number. when we re formed med medicare, we had a huge fight for a year. we trained all our members for a year an increase is called an increase. i always tell them it's as though your kids convinced you that they needed to get a five dollars a month increase in their allowance every month and if you only gave them a one dollar increase that was a four dollars cut. >> that's washington economics. >> that's washington economics. >> we will take a break and we will come back with the former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. we are live in south carolina. more coming up straight ahead. i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls on my own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you.
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massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there.
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>> as we continue the special edition of "hannity" from the campaign trail. we are in south carolina today with former speaker of the house, presidential candidate newt gingrich. all right. let me ask you this. bob beckel emhas not stopped talking about the last time i interviewed you, and i said --
9:44 pm
you were out of politics twelve years, 13 years. and i asked you how are you different today than you were when you were speaker. what are the differences? how have you changed? what did you learn and what did you do that was similar, what did you do on the positive side? and what would you change in terms of your governing style? >> there were a couple questions there but first of all i think i have changed in lot of ways. i have had twelve years to think about what i did right and what i did wrong. twelve years of running small businesses and learning a lot more about the market and the responsibility of providing jobs and meeting customers. i have had twelve years of beming a grandfather. i think it's very hard to exaggerate the impact that the grandkids have had on me both in the sense of your grandchildren give you a much longer sense of time horizon, and we love them and as you know they are my two senior debate coaches. we have a great time. we stay in touch every day.
9:45 pm
i have the marriage with callista has been fabulous, and you know because you have been with us. and that's really broadened and deep ended and enriched my life in ways i never understood. i'm even closer to my two daughters, and jackie, the younger one, has written two books and kathy has run an creative agencies. as a family person i slowed down. i had the time and i had the ability to actually focus as a person rather than constantly being drivenpy public life and by public pressures. i think -- i'm also 68. i think at 68 i'm probably calmer, a little bit slower and more careful. i remember saying to bill clinton when i first saw him in the white house, he was one of the smartest people i had ever seen in the white house. the question was how wise was he. and i think that's something i keep reminding myself.
9:46 pm
people say he's smart. that's not -- smarts for presidents isn't enough. what you want is somebody wise enough to avoid the really big mistakes, and wise enough to focus on what really matters. i think there the fact that callista and i have done movies about ronald reagan, about pope john paul ii has given us real insights into great leaders who changed the force of the world by their morale believes and their ability to explain truth by people who want to learn the truth. >> you discovered religion in the last decade. >> i've always prayed. it goes back to my grandmother when i was four that worked hard to convince me there was heaven and hell and was prepared to explain hell as vividly as needed to convince me. >> my mother was convincing me i was head there at one point. >> and my grandmother said if i was leaning one way she would show me this week.
9:47 pm
so i've always had in that sense a relationship with god. but i think the process of being with callista, singing with the choir and gradual being surround by and being used to catholicism and the power of the eucharist and going to mass, there's no question it gave me a comfort zone and a feeling of reconciliation with god that was very real. >> and i'll aska few more questions. i asked you about freddie mac. why would you of do a commercial with nancy pelosi? >> i was really stupid. and, look -- >> do you believe man-made global warming is real? >> i believe we don't know. >> when you said about paul rain and criticized his medicare plan and right wing social engineering -- >> it was a technical mistake but what i said was true. i was asked the question should republicans impose a plan if it
9:48 pm
is deeply unpopular. and i said something that was written about, right ying social engineering is as dangerous at left wing social engineering. i had a lot of my conserve of it friends mad at me but he wrote it because it is right. we have an obligation to explain to the country any major reform that's going to affect their lives until they decide they are going to accept it. we don't have an elitist ability to -- we are all mad at obama about having obama plan being imposed. well, having a gingrich plan wouldn't be better if they didn't agree. you had the popular will to sustain in the past. and i said something pro down i backed off because there was too much knows to communicate it. but i wasn't talking about paul ryan. paul ryan is a very close friend.
9:49 pm
callista has known him since he was an intern. he did a good job overall. i would approach medicare differently. i would actually offer his medicare choice next year, but i would offer it as a choice that people could take if they thought it was better for them, not as an imposition. >> we will come back. one more segment with gop presidential candidate, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich, as we continue from south carolina. [ male announcer ] in his eyes...a race needs no finish line. ♪ in her eyes... the world is never too big. in his...the weather should never keep you inside. ♪ because they see no limits, there's eukanuba nutrition designed to help their body go as far as their mind wants to. eukanuba. extraordinary nutrition for extraordinary beings. see the difference in 28 days or your money back. extraordinary nutrition for extraordinary beings. i've tried it. but nothing helped me beat my back pain. then i tried salonpas.
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>> welcome back to south carolina, the special edition of "hannity". we continue with gop presidential hopeful, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. let me go back to a couple of issues. you said on your website that you look forward to the the opportunity of setting the record straight. i want to make sure i give you that opportunity in this hour. healthcare man date and opposition to hillary care, which you supported. >> and i stayed with it for a good while. heritage foundation was the first ones to figure out you couldn't to it because it means government has so much control over your life and such a great reason to define healthcare that they destroy the system. i ultimately said they were right. >> at what point did you say the heritage plan time and timegain. >> ied toind a a formula
9:54 pm
you ought to buy insurance or post aborne or something. our biggest problem is people who have money and refuse to buy insurance and then refuse to pay their hospital bills. in every community this is a substantial amount offer responsibility. that's what we were wrestle with. how do you get bills paid for. i was never for a man date without an escape valve because i knew libertarians didn't want to be told what to do. i was trying to find a way to say if you are earning $75,000 a year and you decided you would rather buy a second car instead of buying health insurance because you are going to make your neighbors pay for your healthcare, there is something morally wrong about that free rider. >> and miles an hour balm, especially after the last debate, has been critical of your immigration statements in that debate. basically saying if somebody has been in the country 25 years, if they pay their taxes and their families are here, multiple generations, perhaps, they go to
9:55 pm
church that's correct they should not be deported, that the country would not accept it. and she's claiming that that would be ostensibly an amnesty program. >> it is clearly not an amnesty program. i said we ought to build a fence within one year and have the board controlled. i said english ought to be the official language of government, and we ought to have a guest worker program outsourced. and steeper penalties for people who hire illegal workers because don't get illegallal workers without having illegal employers. having said that, i believe most would go home. but you have somebody in your community, they have been here 25 years, and they have been paying taxes -- let me be clear, this is somebody who has been paying taxes, they have two kids and three grandkids and they are in your local church. >> let me ask you because it seems like someone is waiting
9:56 pm
for a shoe to drop on newt's personal life. your daughter wrote a very, very, i guess personal is the only way to describe it, the story about what the facts are. because for years every time i would ready something about you in the media the headline would be newt gingrich serves wife on deathbed with divorce papers. that's the narrative. she says, number one, the person that was on her deathbed is still alive. number two, it was your ex-wife that wanted the divorce, and number three, the hospital visit in question had nothing to do with it. >> right. >> how did this story get so out of hand then and how will you handle that? >> first of all i think the best thing they can do is go to and read my daughter's actual column, then they get her and her words and what she and her mother and sister have been through which is the witnesses of what went on. and i took my two daughters to see their mother and as
9:57 pm
sometimes happens when when are going through divorces, we got into an argument. if i was mature back then, i would have backed out of the argument. but back then i back into the argument. >> i have never done that. >> well, i think that got told as a story that got told as a story so finally when a left wing magazine decided to write a smear piece in 1984, they wrote somebody who heard from is somebody who heard from somebody and we got that version. up because i didn't want my first wife, who is the mother of my two daughters, and the mother, we share two grandchildren, i didn't want her as a private person being drawn into some fight. so i preferred to take the beating. her daughter, our daughter, with it that she went to her
9:58 pm
mother, talked her through it and said with your permission i would like to go public and say this is how false this is. >> let me ask you, as the president now blames atm machines and kiosks and the arab spring and earthquakes and bush when all else fails and now has called the american people soft and lazy and said in foreign countries that america is an arrogant country, how big an issue will that number the general campaign? >> i think the president has missed the whole point. all of these problems come down to aaron rogers. if aaron rogers warrant -- wasn't making it look so easy to be so competent, if green bay wasn't undefeated, people would understand the world is hard and it's not barack obama's fault. i think the president should campaign, green bay is not sharing its victories, it's not helping other teams win in the spirit of friendship, it's not
9:59 pm
doing the probable cause barack obama thing. >> for a lot of people who watch "hannity," this is not unfamiliar, bill ayers is back in the news. >> sure. >> unrepent can't terrorist. obama gave speeches with him, started his career in his house and sat on board with the guy. now aiers -- ayers is out there saying i raised money for them, did fundraiser for him. should that be en issue this time? >> it will be an issue with me because i will draw a disstings between the south side organizers surrounded by radicals and how that relates to his whole administration. one thing i'm curious about is if anybody has done a real study of what did obama teach when he was a south side organizer? who has been in those classes. they are eager to chase of a republicans. who has been in the losses he taught. what materials did he use?
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